Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weir High: 2 - 0.....another BIG win!!!!

Another big win for Weir High football, conquering over Edison 23 - 6 last night. Derrick, noted as the "BIG Guy" by the news crew at WTOV9 demolished the Edison line like a brick house. He managed 5 carries for 35 yards, "lots of tackles" - quoted by Derrick, and a quarterback sack resulting in a fumble recovery by Weir for a touchdown!!!! Go D!!! Also, here is a video clip from the game, courtesy of WTOV9:

Weir vs Edison - game highlights
(please note the video will play a short commercial first, and then it will buffer before starting the game highlights...)

Also, Action Images did document this game as well (Thank you guys!!!). You can view the game photos HERE. (Go to events list/Sports action/Football/Edison vs Weir; these photos will remain on their site for temporary period of time)

Here are just a few images of Derrick from the game:

Good job Derrick and the rest of the Weir High Football team!!! Can't wait see you all on the 19th!!!!!

Home opener next week!!! Stay tuned.
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