Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to my Sports Photography Blog!!!

I love sports. I love watching sports. I love participating in sports. Best of all, I love photographing sports. Unlike taking the shot and posting it, I take the time to create a work of art. Using various blending methods and digital image enhancements features, action comes alive in an artistic kind of way. Other products that I do for sports are STORYBOARD COLLAGES, COLLAGE POSTERS, GALLERY WRAPS and KEEPSAKE ALBUMS.

I consider myself a free lance sports photographer, so if you really are not sure what you would want or expect from a game series, I also take sports schedules and time permitting will show up for a game or more for no added costs. You just pay the individual print prices and spread the word to other fellow athletes.

Contact me for special "SPORTS STYLE" Pricing and Brochure. Also available online on my website.
Sports Style Pricing
Stay tuned for a different look and lots of updates!!!! Go Red Sox!!! (just had to say that!! Its baseball season!!)
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