Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Wrestling Season!!!!

After finishing their last game again James Monroe, Derrick immediately took the mat to begin his winter season in wrestling. Taking third in the state last spring at 215lbs, he is starting off his season ranked first in the state!!! In his first tournament in Morristown this past Saturday, Weir High senior Derrick Rovira won the 215-pound weight class at the Doan Ford Invitational by defeating Shadyside’s Brian Kahl. You are off to good start....proud of you!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Derrick through his years of football....

2008: Senior Year....

2007: Junior Year.....Injuries...breaks his leg..then breaks his foot after season during wrestling...

2006: Sophmore year...varsity starter...always protecting the receivers, always putting pressure on the quarterbacks...

2005: Derrick playing on JV vs Brooke....

2004: Derrick playing Weir High Middle School....running the ball

2003: Derrick playing for Weirton Steelers..running the ball

Concord Minutemen vs Mt. Diablo (last game of the season)

Yes, I'm back posting...behind as usual, but just wanted to say congratulations to the Concord High Minutemen football team for a season well deserved. You guys worked hard and wish you all the best!! The team ended their season on November 14th with a win against Mt. Diablo 26-20. I had the honor to meet up with a fellow football mom and inspiring photographer, Nancy Porfirio, to give her a few pointers on camera settings, using Lightroom and was great fun shooting a mid November football game in warm weather....this win gave the Minutemen a playoff birth. They played Friday, November 21st, 7:00PM: 1st Round NCS Game v. Casa Grande @ Casa Grande...and lost:(
Thank you, Nancy!!!

The family photo...Nancy, her son Austin and daughter

Couldn't resist capturing this lit'l girl at midfield with a football. She was totally on a mission to play some ball.

Some shots of Nancy shooting....(great photos for your blog!!!)

More of the gallery can be viewed HERE: Concord High Minutemen Football
Other related links: The CHS Minutemen Football Booster website

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well today, my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to explain the Thanksgiving holiday to our 3 year old daughter. As I started talking about Plymouth Rock, the pilgrims and such, my husband blurts out..."maddie, its about eating and watching football all day!!". Augh....better luck next year in telling the story. So enjoy the day all you sports fans. I'm going to plunge into a bowl of french onion dip and chips along with a cold one and watch the games while the kids nap!!! ENJOY!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weir vs James Monroe TODAY at 1:30...

Ok, I'm sitting here on the edge of my seat listening to the game on Derrick is having an AWESOME game!! The game started off with a James Monroe 85 yard kick off return touch down....Bryant Davidison running up the gutt and Derrick Rovira running the outside dragging defenders with him - he is not going down...the field is muddy, its cold (20C). The Mavericks are holding off the Weirs passing game.....Cody and Brendan are trying to get the passes, but Bubbs is just having a heck of a time getting grip on the ball. Mud is everywhere!!! Mike Salko is hitting hard, Nick Robinson is fired up and holding the offense....Artie Chappel is putting pressure on the offense and Mike Rascci forcing punt returns, Billy is protecting our running backs, and big Vance is not letting anyone pass him by. Its a good GAME!!!

At the half, Derrick Rovira has 7 carries for 22 yards, 2 sacks and ton of tackles!!!! Weir is behind 14-0..
Stay tuned for more.....
In the 3 quarter, momentum is shifting....Weir is on the board by Bryant's touchdown!!! Turnovers, and big interception by Davidson!! Mavericks defense is getting tired trying to bring down Big is now taking three defenders to bring him down!!! It is not so much about many passes we get in...
4th quarter...
it is all about field of the field are just a mud bath and cause of turnovers....getting past these areas are key and getting optimum field position to run the ball and score...Geez when Derrick plunges with the ball, he is laying 3 yards....what a big guy!!!!

oh, no....Bryant is sacked for a 11 yard loss.....8 minutes to go and it is 14-7 with John Monroe's the ball is picked....@#%$#%

ball is picked again!!!!....lost our first down opportunity...we just burned through our 3rd time out. The clock is ticking and we lost possession of the ball. GIVE the Ball to D!!!! 40 secs left.....another time out is taken now with 24 secs left for the Red Riders to score...... :(

JM has possesion...takes the knee.....we lose 7-14.....

Derrick finishes the game with 13 carries for 50 yards...JM held back Weir's running game...overall, well done. Now we can turn off the lights........

Remembering Bob Jeter...

Weir High gridiron legend dies in his home in Chicago on Thursday. Bob Jeter was an all-stater with Weir High from both sides of the ball when he played football during the 1950s. He later starred as a running back in college at the University of Iowa and then as a cornerback with the Green Bay Packers, playing in the first two Super Bowls. He played for the Packers from 1963-70 and was with the Chicago Bears from 1971-73. He was inducted in 1985 into the Packers Hall of Fame as well as the Daper Dan Hall of Fame.

Bob Jeter's vintage sports trading cards can be found HERE.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Magnolia Upsets #1 Ranked Keyser....

WOW,,,,it is definately Christmas in West Virginia already!! Magnolia upset top rated Keyser in the AA WV state playoffs!!!! Embarrassed to say that our dear Weir High got totally tramped by Magnolia during season play 31-0....what happened guys!!!!! Out of your systems is now GridIron Supremacy, the road to the is now or never!!! Take it.....take it, TAKE IT!!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! I'll be listening on the 'puter!!!!! and calling moms in the stands for play by play!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Do not turn off the lights until the "fat lady" sings!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your VOTES are NEEDED!!!!!! High School Football Awards

Derrick Rovira and the rest of the Weir High Red Riders has just had the most awesome season ever!!!! They finish the season 8-2, solidifying a 4th place ranking in the State (West Virginia). Last week, they ventured into their first playoff game against Independence (13th) and won 24 - 13!!! Derrick Rovira rushed 200 yards, and ran a stunning 57 yards for a touchdown!!!! The big guy does it again!!!! This Saturday they face John Monroe (12) at 1:30....if they win, they will either play Magnolia or Keyser.

And to top all honors off, Derrick has been nominated for three categories in the Ohio Valley!! Go D!!! Follow the link below and VOTE for him!!!

Click HERE: High School Football Awards

Nominations are for:
-Defensive Players of The Year
-Big 22 Player Of The Year
-Electrifying Play Of The Year (Week 13)

and vote for Weir High as Team of the Year!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Luck Concord Minutemen!!!

(photos taken by Nancy Portirio; editing done by Denise Olson using Lightroom v1.4 and a combination of Matt's 300 Strong and Sin City Dark and whole lot of magical touches - cool, huh?)

Tomorrow night I'll have the honor to photograph the last season game of Concord HS vs Mt. Diablo in Northern California with football mom, inspiring photographer, Nancy Porfirio. The Minutemen are currently 6-2-1 and are making grabs for a playoff birth. Good luck gentlemen, and hit 'em hard. In the meantime, here is some "Football Friday Night" to get you all in the mood played by a new coming friend, a shining country singer of the Ohio Valley and a big fan of high school football!!!

Friday Night Lights by Joe Zelek
(let the video buffer and enjoy!!!)
(Thanks, Joe!! {xoxo})

Super Six Football Championships!!!

22 days, 4 hours, 14 minutes, 5 secs left until kickoff of the 2008 Super Six Football Championships!!!

See you on the Island!!....Gridiron Supremacy is final HERE!!!

Super Six Football Championships

"After a two-year hiatus, the Weir High football team returns to the West Virginia Class AA playoffs with a 7:30 p.m. game Friday night against Independence at Jimmy Carey Stadium.

The Red Riders are 8-2 and enter the postseason as the No. 4 team. Independence is No. 13.

The last time Weir made it into the playoffs, it emerged as the state champion in 2005. The Red Riders went 5-15 the following two seasons." - Mike Mathison, sports editor - Herald Star

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain or Shine....the game must go on

Photos coming soon from the Weir High vs Tyler Consolidated football game in Weirton, WV. Its was warm, but rainy....a few garbage bags taped to the equipment, a towel, and poncho...I was set!!! Weir High's season ended with a 8-2 record...defying all predictions from the season previews. These guys found their talents. The coaches utilized these talents to orchestrate some of the best ball that these boys ever played. They played with determination, strength and heart molding into a single playing unit of a team geared toward another State Championship birth. Playoffs are is now or never....

Finished up to half time...but if you are really anxious to view, click HERE...'til tomorrow...good night!