Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phantom Softball is on its way...

After many glorious days of rain, the Phantom Fastpitch Softball season finally begins!!! {However, it did give me a little more time to get my ACE coaching certification to assist with our T-ball team} I've been wanting to sponsor a team for that last couple of years, and I guess this year the motivation was having my daughter, Maddie, start playing. Sports Style by Mommy & Me Photography is proudly sponsoring, the Butterflys. A group of giddy, ambitious, warm hearted girls who are all ready to play. Our first game was played with only having 2 or 3 previous practices.... Despite the fact that most of the girls carried their bat with them to first base, or they weren't sure where to throw the ball, the girls had FUN!!

Sometimes too much fun?????

View and buy the 2011 Phantom T-ball league photos HERE.

Coach D~

PS. Butterflys parents...links coming to you in a special email.