Sunday, August 31, 2008

They won.....a shut out!!! [47-6]

Weir High vs Petersburg: 47 - 6

Well, despite the fact that these boys had to travel in a bus for over 4 hours prior to gametime, they totally released all energies to overcome the Petersburg team in a 47 - 6 win!! I talked to Derrick on the way down, and all he could say was, "mom, this bus ride is looooooong." And that got me worried, not only for him but for the team. I remember playing volleyball for the University of Dubuque and we had to drive all the way across the state for 4 hours to Buena Vista College for our match which only lasted a whole hour because we got shut But the powers to be were on their side!!! Derrick did a great job at running back, providing lots of yards in the run plays[numbers to be provided later:)] and scoring a touch down!! Wish I was there to see that one (did anyone get a picture??). He also played linebacker holding the line on defense and managing a few tackles. Good job, guys!! and good luck vs Edison next week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday Night Lights.....are we ready????

The Weir High Red Riders will be attending their first of the season on Saturday, August 30 in Petersburg, WV. High anticipation is in store for the players and for Derrick who is a huge prospect for college ball. Good luck Derrick and to the rest of the team. I will be there in heart. (Enjoy the slideshow!!! - NOTE: this slideshow will take some time to please be patient....its an internet thing) -denise:)

Good luck, Derrick!!!

For a larger version: click here

Weir Football Moms....make sure the guys see this!!!!!! call me with play by play on Saturday!!!!!

"Football Friday Night" in the Ohio Valley!!!

PUMPED UP!!! Good luck Weir High!!! did I mention that football was BIG in the Ohio Valley!!!!
ooooooooh yeah!!

"Football Friday Night"
[click on link above to see to see video by Joe Zelek] link provided by

and here is a news feature about Derrick. Derrick Rovira - Highlight Video by wtov9

Good luck my man!!! I'll be cheering for you!!!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Luck this Season, Derrick!!

Here is a full page ad that I created for the Weir High Football Program using designing elements from Graphic Authority and lch Design. Just a sampling of Derrick's Senior's photos (many more coming soon!!). The team had their first scrimmage on Saturday vs Linsly at Wheeling Island. Derrick felt good after the scrimmage. The defense held Lindsay during the entire first half of the scrimmage. Although no official score was kept, Derrick did say that each team did get a touchdown. Overall, he felt good and is ready for some football..........

Some helpful links to keep update with team scores, photos, and news:

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Newbrough Photo Game Day Photos
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Click here to read a news article from wtov Channel 9 (Weir High Football Pre-Season)
According to wtov, the players to watch on the team are yours truly: Derrick Rovira on offense, and his friend Artie Chappell on defense. Go Derrick!!

On offense Derrick plays Tightend. He is 6'1" and 240lbs. An avid weightlifter benching nearly 400lbs. Nicely quoted by Coach Meek, "Derrick has a football mindset and he works on football year round. He really loves the game."

For the love of the game Derrick!! Good luck this year!