Sunday, August 31, 2008

They won.....a shut out!!! [47-6]

Weir High vs Petersburg: 47 - 6

Well, despite the fact that these boys had to travel in a bus for over 4 hours prior to gametime, they totally released all energies to overcome the Petersburg team in a 47 - 6 win!! I talked to Derrick on the way down, and all he could say was, "mom, this bus ride is looooooong." And that got me worried, not only for him but for the team. I remember playing volleyball for the University of Dubuque and we had to drive all the way across the state for 4 hours to Buena Vista College for our match which only lasted a whole hour because we got shut But the powers to be were on their side!!! Derrick did a great job at running back, providing lots of yards in the run plays[numbers to be provided later:)] and scoring a touch down!! Wish I was there to see that one (did anyone get a picture??). He also played linebacker holding the line on defense and managing a few tackles. Good job, guys!! and good luck vs Edison next week.
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