Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game Day for the Lady Firecrackers!! and Updates.....

Good luck ladies with your game today. Remember, HomeRUN Derby.....the more hits the bigger the party!!! :)

Heres a preview of some of the other games that I've captured over the last couple of weekends.

On April 12th, the Lady Firecrackers played against team Dynamite. How appropriate, because the weather that day was blistering HOT... a mere 90+ degrees!!! But it was agony of defeat for the girls, losing 8-2. Kudos to their pitching staff who threw heat......

The gallery is in the making but here are some of the photos:
To see more photos, go here: Lady Firecrackers vs The Dynamites - April 12, 2008

On April 19th, although ending in defeat by a mere 6-7, their last inning was played with lots of heart and spunk. Balls were getting caught in the outfield, sliding in the dirt, and lots of stick hitting. And lets not forget, lots of cheer to Kelley, who had left the game in the first inning due to injury. Get better soon!!! We need you!!! Love the socks, Tink!!!

Here is a preview of that game. And to see more photos, visit the gallery: Lady Firecrackers - April 19, 2008

"I Wanna Play, too!!!"

My daughter, Maddie, wants to play softball just like Jelly. Maybe someday, after a little more practice (and listening skills :))

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Game Day Today for the Lady Firecrackers!!!

Last weekend, the Lady Firecrackers were head to head with the ladies from West Masonry being defeated by 1 run in the final innings. The final score was 6-7. Congrats to the ladies in "Pink" and go get 'em today, Lady Firecrackers!!!

Pictures from the April 5th game coming very very soon!!! Lady Firecrackers - April 5th, 2008

Here is a preview of the some of the images.....

Good luck today with your game ladies. See you all there!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 CYSA State Cup

On the weekend of March 29th, I had the opportunity to photogragh the Nor Cal U14 Boys Soccer team, Pleasanton Ballistic United, during their first round of the 2008 CYSA State Cup playoffs. On the 29th, the team's first game was against the higher ranked Foothill MVLA. They triumphed with a 3-1 victory.

Here is preview of some of the images.
To see more, visit the gallery on my website: Pleasanton Ballistic United - March 29th, 2008

The following day, Pleasanton Ballistic United faced Lamorinda and finished with a 1-1 tie. Based on points, team Pleasanton advances to the "Sweet 16" to face Santa Clara Sporting in Morgan Hill. Good luck guys!!

Here is a preview of the game vs Lamorinda. To view team standings and playoff schedules, go HERE.

To view the rest of the images from this game, go to the gallery on my website: Pleasanton Ballistic United - March 30th, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Lady "FireCrackers" !!!

When my "mommy's helper", Angelica, informed me that she was going to play softball, I was ecstatic (maybe even more so than her Giants' fan Dad)!!! Bringing back memories of being a pitcher for most of my life (then the adventures of motherhood prevailed), and the potential to become involved in the excitement of the game. I asked Angelica if I could get her game schedule and informed her that I would try to photograph as many games as I could. So on March 29th, I showed up to one of her pre-season games. Wearing red, white, and blue, I could tell that the Lady Firecrackers were going to be a giddy group of gals; yet, ladies as they are off the field (Moms, Dads, is this true??), they displayed the desire to play hard on the field. The preseason game provided the girls with the opportunity to try different positions; what they liked, didn't like. And to "taste the dirt". Oh yeah, these girls did not mind getting dirty. Enjoy the first gallery of the season of these fine ladies in play.... more to come during the season!!!

Here is a preview of the action!!!

To see more:
PGSL Minor Rec League - Lady Firecrackers - March 29, 2008