Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your VOTES are NEEDED!!!!!! High School Football Awards

Derrick Rovira and the rest of the Weir High Red Riders has just had the most awesome season ever!!!! They finish the season 8-2, solidifying a 4th place ranking in the State (West Virginia). Last week, they ventured into their first playoff game against Independence (13th) and won 24 - 13!!! Derrick Rovira rushed 200 yards, and ran a stunning 57 yards for a touchdown!!!! The big guy does it again!!!! This Saturday they face John Monroe (12) at 1:30....if they win, they will either play Magnolia or Keyser.

And to top all honors off, Derrick has been nominated for three categories in the Ohio Valley!! Go D!!! Follow the link below and VOTE for him!!!

Click HERE: High School Football Awards

Nominations are for:
-Defensive Players of The Year
-Big 22 Player Of The Year
-Electrifying Play Of The Year (Week 13)

and vote for Weir High as Team of the Year!!!!
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