Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weir's First Loss of the Season.....

Well, behind on posting, but who wants to post a loss, right? My trip to the 'burgh went well. Had the opportunity to chat with friends, eat my favorites, and spend time with my baby boy (well, not so little at 6'0" and 240lbs). Surprised him at the pre-game meal, then attended his game vs the St. Clairsville Red Devils. Derrick (Rovira #11) managed to rush the ball 10 times for 59 yards, had 12 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks (sharing with Artie Chappell, #60). They lost 35-17.
But here are some of my game day photos. Enjoy!!

(Images were taken with a 300mm IS f/2.8, AV mode set at f2.8, iso range from 400-3200, AI Servo, focus centered.....and no monopod :)...no flash )

...and notice the camera man getting clocked. ouch!!! He took a hard hit, but no one was injured. :)

A link to the gallery of images for this game can be found here: Weir Red Riders vs St. Clairsville Red Devils - September 19, 2008 .. more photos will be uploaded in the gallery in the next week or two. Thanks for waiting!!! Contact me for any special requests.....
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