Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out of the Tunnel {GridIron Supremacy Freebies 1}

Hi all, for you football moms, here you go. I was first inspired by watching ESPN while running on the treadmill at the gym, "Out of the Tunnel" feature that they usually have during college football previews. Then, when I was in Minnesota visiting my family, a thunderstorm was approaching while we were outside enjoying cold drinks on a hot hot terribly humid day and the clouds were turbulent and full of fire. I made a png file from the photos of the clouds. The coloring was added by using my texture created by my wonderful Pampered chef stoneware cookie sheet. Well used and full of various ambers, reds, golds, yellows and blacks (from burning some of my baked goods :) Pieced everything together using lots of blending modes, layers and etc. to create one of my first pages for my GridIron Supremacy Album (coming towards the end of the season!!).

(Sorry for the dead links....working on it right now!!! Got me if you any problems - Thank you!!)
Here are the links for Out of the Tunnel.png and Out of the Tunnel words.png: "GridIron Supremacy Freebies 1 - Click HERE"

Please Note: The links are only available for 7 days starting today. Can be used for limited commercial use for customer's finished prints only. Not to be resold as is. Thank you!!!

The fonts used are "Trashed" and "OptimusPrinceps".

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