Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GridIron Supremacy...documenting the history

Well, although nothing free to give today....kind of in a creative crunch right now, I was moved by getting some of my son's football career documented for his GridIron Supremacy album. Long before this little guy could even throw a football, he was on the field. While at Bethany College, his dad played nose guard and I was the athletic trainer (but when it got cold, I was up in the press box documenting the game's play by play). As part of Derrick's album, I'm documenting a few "snip its" of his documentation while playing for the Bethany Bison football team. Ironically, and we all saw this coming, Derrick has expressed a great interest to return to Bethany College as a freshman next fall. (gosh, and it seems like only yesterday I just left there....as a matter of fact, I'm reminded every month still as I'm paying off my student loans!!!) He said he was highly impressed with the freshman dorms stating that they have dorms specifically for the football players. Man, has things changed!!! I've gotta see this. But the college has undergone drastic renovations and it does look fabulous. However, the town of Bethany still has no gas station....just a little grocery store, post office, fire station and the great ol' Bison Inn.

So what I did was cut out this newspaper article, scanned it, and saved it as a jpeg (300 dpi should be sufficient for the news article). The photos were scanned at 1200 dpi. Made the layout, and overlayed the news article to cover the entire page spread. I then choose the "multiply" blend mode to make the article similuate a transparancy. Placed my photos (which were scanned, and edited using Boutwells' Old Skool action)...and there you go....cute huh? Yea, Derrick was a very a cute baby...boy do I miss his little hands and feet.
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