Wednesday, February 29, 2012

softball is here!!!

Making progress of getting Maddie on a softball team.  She loves softball and cannot wait.  In the meantime, stay tuned for updates and read this little poem just for the girls.

It reads:
She stands at the plate with her heart pounding fast, 
The bases are loaded; the die has been cast, 
Mom and Dad cannot help her; she stands alone, 
A hit at this moment would send her teammate home. 
The ball nears the plate; she swings and misses, 
There’s a groan from the crowd with some boos and hisses. 
“Strike the bum out!” a thoughtless voice cries, 
The game’s no longer fun, tears fill her eyes. 
Remember, she’s just a little girl who stands all alone 
So open your heart and give her a break. 
For it’s moments like this a woman you can make. 
Keep this in mind when you hear someone forget, 
She is just a little GIRL, and not a WOMAN yet.
~auther unknown.

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