Monday, July 7, 2008

BIG 22 Pre-Season Football 2008.....

Can you just feel it in the air? In another week or two, I'll be able to go outside and smell "Football". Can't describe it really....a mix of hot late summer with fall, the buzzing of the bees on the clover in the grass, the whistles, the grunting, the contact. There is just something about the air in football that just pumps me up. I'll be traveling back east starting this weekend and that's when I can start smelling it in the air. And I was even more pumped to find out that some of my football photos are being considered for publication in the Ohio Valley Edition of Big Season Sports magazine. Whoo hooo!!! (Thanks, Brad!!) And, and a BIG AND, my son, Derrick is a BIG 22 candidate. For those that follow OHIO and WEST VIRGINIA high school football, this honor is HUGE. It is like the pro bowl of the NFL. I'm pumped and I'm proud. Go Big D!!!!

You can go here (BIG 22) to cast your vote.....

Here is the full list of BIG 22 Pre-Season Picks for 2008:
Jordan Barbina
Branko Busick
Zane Butler
Sal Conti
Zac Costlow
DJ Duke
Tyler Dummermuth
Dan Gordon
DeVaughn Gordon
Mikey Habig
Tyler Hardesty
Cody Johnson
Ryan Lewicki
Corey Lisowski
Dwight Macon
Jeremy Murray
Derrick Rovira
Matt Shreve
Wes Skinner
Dorien Thomas
Alec Wood
Steve Woodford
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